Security without the depositcredit-based financial products for tenants
How we're differentWe offer a better solution than what's out there.

Avenue offers security without the deposit, insurance, or hassle. Our credit worthiness algorithm leverages information from existing credit agencies, rental payment behavior, and open banking technology to assess individual tenant risk rather than setting an insurance premium and pooling across a set of properties or portfolio.

  • Insurance
  • Additional claims processes
  • Higher cost for renters
  • Adverse selection
  • Avenue
  • Immediate payment for damages claimed
  • Lowest-cost offering
  • Maintain existing incentive
How it worksLet's walk you through our process.

1. Invite your tenants

Using the Avenue dashboard, owners / managers can invite new or existing tenants to register and live deposit-free.


2. Tenants apply online

Tenants will receive an email from us to register. We instantly qualify each tenant using our risk assessment algorithm to determine the monthly fee.


3. Stress-free lease-end

Making a claim? Submit on the Avenue Dashboard and get paid instantly. We will follow-up with the resident and allow them to repay in installments if needed.

FAQWe’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started.