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Who We Are

Our goal is to build a platform that makes renting easier and money more accessible to residents. Currently, renting is broken: tenants do not have the right incentive or ability to track their good renting behavior lease-to-lease and landlords rely off antiquated leasing processes that do not give real insight to who their tenants are as individuals. Avenue is building the future of renting by providing landlords with the ability to leverage non-traditional variables and open banking technology to enable simpler, more trusted renting.

What We Do

The Problem

Traditional security deposits are outdated and ineffcient. $63 billion sit in no-interest or high-maintainance accounts, held only for potential future damage. We aim to get that money back into renters’ pockets while providing the same protection for damages landlords otherwise would have.

Our Mission

We aim to improve access to living, drive down vacancies, and improve the overall renting experience for both Tenants and Landlords.